Updates, updates, updates!

// That time I forgot to update the blog for 4 months.

Hello Guardians,

It has been quite some time! Obviously still here considering the updates keep rolling out, and I hope you all have been enjoying the new features and have been cooking up some spicy god rolls. I owe you all a more proper blog post at... some point in the future. When the inspiration strikes me? But for now here's a quick recap of everything's that's launched in the past couple months:

  • A weapon page UI that can scale with all we're adding
  • A whole bunch of calculators
    • TTK, Damage Falloff, Handling, Reload, Flinch Resist and more!
    • These live in the accordion section and update while you select perks
  • Selectable Perk effects
    • Preview your weapon's performance and stats at different stack levels!
    • See all our cool calculators update in real time!
  • A revamped Screenshot Mode
    • It looks like in-game!
    • There's a settings menu in the top right that lets you change some display options
  • Lots of new search filters
    • I really like the trait_1 and trait_2 ones for finding the perfect combos
  • You can now download the site as an app (If you dare)
    • You can find the "Add to Home Screen" or "Download as app" button in your browser to get a slightly more focused version of Foundry!

Cool! That's it for this one.

ā€“ Kat