Foundry is lovingly worked on by a group of passionate Destiny 2 community members. It is provided to you as a free resource; an advanced weapon roll explorer with in-depth stat calculations, perk simulations, and more; in a sleek, fast, and modern user interface.

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Bungie, and the vast majority of our data is the product of community research. As such, it should not be considered official by any means, and may contain some inaccuracies.

However — we extensively conduct our own research and collaborate closely with other individuals from within the Destiny 2 science community to test, validate, and further improve research and data gathering methods. We aim to provide you with as accurate and up-to-date information as we can.

Our Team

Kat // gothfemmeFounder, Web Engineer, Designergothfem.megothfemmek@gothfem.me

Harm // harmRust Engineer, Calculation and Testing LeadBarmonHammerharm1

Hugo D. // CrystalRust EngineerDevantHugo2crystal

Jen // AndromedaRust Engineer_andromedajen@andromeda.dev

Community Data and Research Contributions

Foundry would be impossible without the additional work from the following folks.

ClarityCommunity Perk DescriptionsWebsite DiscordKo-fi

MossyMaxDamage Values / PVE Power Level Formulas mossy.maxSpreadsheet Ko-fi

RokDCDamage ValuesrokdcSpreadsheet Ko-fi

Oh yes 10 FPSPrevious Rust Calculation Package Maintainer

Destiny 2 CompendiumIn-Game ValuesdestinydatacompendiumSpreadsheet

Special Thanks

To the Destiny Massive Breakdowns community for their contributions to Destiny science.

To Dre, for the original D2 Gunsmith site, for sparking mine and so many others' passion for Destiny science and weapon roll theorycrafting. Foundry would not exist without you having blazed the trail.

To my clanmates in Adrift for their support. You all are family.

And, to the community that has formed around this site. From the folks in our Discord, to anyone who's shared the site with a friend, with their community, with a New Light on Reddit. To you, reading this right now. Your support means the world to me.

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