// The one about weapon compare.

Hello Guardians,

It's been a little quiet here on the blog, but the work hasn't stopped! Today, we're launching the first iteration of our weapon compare feature.

"We have Google Sheets at home"

Visit a weapon page and upon scrolling past the bottom of the edit section, you should see a new button to add your currently selected roll to a compare session.

When a compare session is active, you'll see a floating link at the bottom of your screen to take you into the compare view whenever you're ready. You can view all your selected weapons' stats in table. Neat!

If you want to double back and change up a weapon, the column header can take you to the roll you selected.

NOTE: The compare session will currently only stay active in the browser tab you open it in. You can navigate through search, or by clicking links, but fully reloading the site will remove your selected items. This will be changed soon! Sorry!

What's next

With compare out the door, our current feature set has been rounded out nicely. The next few releases will primarily be around bug fixes and polishing up some of the rougher edges of the user experience and UI across the site.

However, you can also expect a new settings page in the near future for changing options around the site's appearance, as well as a slow trickle of extra stats and modules being added below the fold on weapon pages.

I've got a bunch planned for after that, but after launching so many features we're due for some housecleaning!

I need help

Hi! Do you like Destiny science? Do you want to help conduct, gather, and update research for the site? Do you believe that theory-crafting and community knowledge can be made more accessible? Do you want to collaborate??? With me????

Cool! Then you should reach out to me either by Twitter or Discord, because I'd love to chat. I'm looking for one or two people to partner with on this.

Thank you!

-- Kat