// The one about Range, in meters.

Hello Guardians,

A few minor updates have gone out since the last post, but wanted to highlight the latest addition first and foremost.

Calculated Range

Weapon pages will now show the Damage Falloff Start Distance for both Hip-Fire and ADS, for weapon types we have data on.

It should work as you might expect, including with Rangefinder. So go check out some of the new weapons from this Season and try it out!

There's definitely a ton more work for me to do around stat display, calculators, and the likes, but I wanted to get quickly get this out as I know it's important to folks for comparing weapons.


We now have a Discord, please join if you'd like to give any feedback, get additional updates, or just talk about the game. I post previews of what I'm working on and would enjoy getting more people's thoughts on things. You can join our Discord here.

Thanks again for using the site!

-- Kat