// The one about Community Perk information.

Hello Guardians,

Thank you for using FOUNDRY and for your patience as I get things up and running.

With this latest release, you can expect a few changes to make your experience more delightful, including:

  • Community Perk information, provided from our friends at{" "} Clarity
  • Added Tooltip stat displays for perks, barrels, mags, sights, etc
  • Added Recoil Direction semi-circle stat display
  • Adjustments to the display of stat bar deltas when both positive and negative effects are applied
  • Selected mod stat deltas will now display in a separate color
  • Added ammo type icons
  • Moved toggle for "Screenshot mode" to the newly added weapon overflow dropdown menu
  • Added an option to clear selections to the weapon overflow dropdown menu
  • Performance improvements surrounding image optimization and page stability while loading
  • Adjustments to how the search dropdown toggles at mobile screen widths
  • Added permalink functionality for rolls
  • Fixed an issue with curated rolls not displaying in screenshot mode
  • Fixed background images being unruly
  • Fixed an issue with site hydration when visiting from a permalink
  • Improved search performance on startup
  • Improved search performance with short queries
  • Added loading bar for page transitions
  • Styling tweaks and additional bug fixes

I am still working on getting communication channels (Discord, Twitter, etc) set up specifically for this project, but if you would like to leave any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line at my Twitter.

-- Kat